Sunday, July 27, 2008

Anniversary Date Night

My Sister kept the kids so John and I could have date night to celebrate our anniversary. It was nice to go out without the kiddos. We went see The Dark Knight (so-so, Heath Ledger was eery), then went eat at Pimon Thai (Amazing as usual). Then we caught a late night feature, Wanted. Not sure what I thought about that one. It was better than The Dark Knight, but still pretty unrealistic. Angelina Jolie was beautiful as usual. I just love her. Tattoos and all. I have wanted a tattoo since high school. I've thought I'd found what I wanted a couple of times, but always changed my mind. My latest tat I'm thinking of is a fleur-di-lis. One of these days I'll get one. The location changes too. I've always wanted one of the back of my shoulder, but I want one where I'll be able to see and enjoy it. Oh well. Back to my date... This morning on the way to get the kids John and I had one more meal without the kids. Zeus. It was Amazing as usual.

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