Friday, February 18, 2011

Feb 18th, I HATE YOU!

I hate Feb 18th. Yes, I know hate is a strong word, and it might sound strange to hate a date, but not if it's a day a loved one died. This date will be a constant reminder that my Mom is gone. 7 years ago, Feb 18th took someone very special away from me. I will never again be able to hug and kiss, or ask my mom for advice.

I was 35 years old and 7 months pregnant for Benjamin. My mom was 35 when she had me. She was 69 when she died and I was born in 1969. It was 6 months before her 70th birthday and 8 months after celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary.
I know I should be thankful I had her for 35 years. There's a lot of people who lose their mothers at a much younger age, but not having a mom SUCKS. I miss her and think of her often. It just doesn't seem fair that people have to die. It's hard sometimes to look at the bigger picture. Life is not about the here and now, it's about the here after. It's not about this life, it's about preparing for the afterlife. I know this, and it does give me a sense of peace, but I still miss her dearly.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

SMASH video

This looks amazing. I can't wait to start smashing...