Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ughhh, it's pouring...

I'm sure you've all heard the saying, "When it rains, it pours", well, right now it's fricking pouring. In the last month our computer crashed and we had to replace it, my vacuum cleaner broke, John's car died, and now our dryer won't work. Another saying is bad things come in 3s. Well, I've got 4 things damn it. STOP -- I can't handle another 2. We got another PC (John and Is Christmas to each other - sucks), John just bought another vehicle so now we have 2 car notes, UGH - sucks again. My dryer is 16.5 years old, so I guess I shouldn't complain too much about that. Waiting for a repair guy now to see what that damage is gonna be. The only one we somewhat lucked out on was that I hung onto my old Rainbow vacuum from 16.5 years ago. Yeah, can you tell I've been married for 16.5 years, the dryer, the vacuum. Oh, let me throw one more little thing in the mix. The bar on the refrigerator door keeps falling off every time we open the door and everything on that shelf falls out. Just a little minor annoyance, but hey, I'll take that if it counts as my #5. So, anyway, here I am hoping it stops pouring soon so the sun really will come out tomorrow. Thanks Annie. I needed that.

Friday, January 16, 2009

First 2 layouts of 2009

I made 2 layouts pretty much exactly the same. One for each of the kids books. I need to maybe rethink how I am doing that. Instead of duplicating layouts I could just make 1 layout and put it in a family album. They can fight over the books when I'm gone. LOL. Nah, I'm pretty sure I'll continue to do what I'm doing. The 2nd layout usually goes pretty fast anyway.

I figured out I did 36 layouts last year. Not too bad for the girl who never scrapbooks, huh. I started out 2008 with a bang (12 layouts in January) then had a few 0 and 1 page months.

My goal is to complete more layouts in 2009 then I did in 2008. That should be totally doable right.

i am second

A must check out website...

A big thank you to Monique McLean for posting this on her website. I greatly enjoyed the site.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009

I'm sitting here thinking about what I'm going to eat for supper. I know, it's sad. It's Friday afternoon and John usually picks up sushi on his way home from work on Friday's. I'm thinking with the holidays and the broken work week, he'll probably forget it's Friday and come home empty handed. That would be okay with me, because I'm actually thinking about Amore's Pizzarama. There's usually not many people there, so if/when the kids act up, it's usually not that big a deal. Oh yeah, Amore's also offers frozen drinks. Mmmm, I think I could use one of those right now. I'm off work today because Benjamin's day care was closed for New Years. He and Samantha are quietly watching "Get Smart" (one of John's Christmas gifts) right now. At least for the time being. I'm sure it won't be long. Ahhh, here they go now. Samantha's yelling at Benjamin to take off her boots. Yes, he's wearing girls boots, but they're black and have buckles on them. In his little mind they are cool pirate boots.

So, what's everyones plans for the New Year? I typically don't make any New Year resolutions, but I think I need to change several things in my life. I turn 40 this year, in just a few days, in fact. I'm really looking forward to my 40s. I didn't particularly enjoy my 30s, or the person I was in my 30s. I figure it's time for me to grow up and be the Best Me I can be.

P.S. Sorry no photo. My home computer is still down. We got a new PC for Christmas, but it's still in the box. Maybe this weekend John will be able to get it up and going. Wish me luck.