Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Proof kids live here...

I keep saying I'm going to clean off the fridge, but the truth is...
1) I'm not sure what I want to take off.
2) As soon as I clean it up, the kids think it's time to make something else.
3) It always ends up just like this anyway.

Free Hugs

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sorry it's been so long...

but my computer is sick. Real sick. It's unplugged and I've been unable to check emails, blog, or keep up with my on-line scrap classes at big picture, my creative classroom, and nyc scraps. I've been going crazy. Feel so unplugged, literally. I finally decided to blog on my work laptop (shhh) just to let everyone know. Just wanted everyone to know I'm not avoiding anyone.

On a sad note... my bff's father passed away last month. He will be missed by so many people who loved him. I'd like to share a story involving him. Back in high school I went to Lesa's house one weekend to pick her up. We did our usual mall, movie outing. I couldn't help but feel like everyone was looking at me as we walked the mall. We went to the food court to eat at Burger King. As we're at the counter ordering our food I heard a couple guys behind me talking about what color polka dots that girl had on her panties. My face flushed. The panties they were talking about were mine. I was wearing light yellow shorts with polka dot undies underneath. They were taking bets if they were blue or black dots. I had not noticed you could see my panties through my shorts when I was getting dressed. When our food arrived I turned and said they were blue polka dots, while quickly grabbing our food and heading to a table. The next day Lesa shared what happened with her parents, and Mr Richard said he had noticed before we left. I couldn't believe he had noticed and not said anything. He let me go out like that?! I was mortified. He thought I had meant for them to be seem. I know kids go through crazy fashion trends, but that's not one I would have followed. Hey, maybe I started that trend. How many times do we see visible bra straps and undies peeking out the top of pants. Okay, so it took 20 years for my fashion faux pas to take hold. Nah, not even I want credit for that one. God Bless, Mr Richard. You will be sadly missed.