Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Week in Minnesota

Well, I was in the Minnesota office last week for Customer Service Week. It's always nice to see everyone. Connects me with my fellow co-workers. Working from home is great, but it's nice to actually see people, too. On Friday my supervisor, Darrin, took the Billing support team to eat at Whiskey Creek. It was yummy. After we all went bowling. It was a riot. Here's a picture of us at Whiskey Creek. L-R: Wendie Engebretson, me, Darrin Wiest, Angie Gamradt, Sarah Anderson, Daina Lowe. (missing were BobbiJo Matt and Micky Clark). I must confess... I love working with these guys. My team rocks!

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Anonymous said...

Hey you!! How are you doing? You need to update your blog! Are you busy or what? Would love to keep in touch!