Sunday, September 28, 2008

2nd layout this month!

It really is the simple things in life that make me happy.
1) This is the 2nd layout I've done this month. Yes, I really am excited about that. Why? Because I only did 1 layout in August and 0 layouts in July. So right now I've done twice as many layouts this month than I've done the last 2 months. Thanks to Valerie Salmon and Janna Wilson, and their Got Sketch 102 class. Yeah me, getting 2 layouts done this month!
2) I really (I think) adapted Valerie's sketch to meet my needs. Here's was a 2 page sketch, and I only needed one. Her's had star embellishments that I used for this layout. I'm usually one to follow a sketch pretty much exact, or as close as possible, and I did my own thing with this one. Stepping outside the box there. Yeah me, switching things up a bit!
3) Again, more stepping outside the box. I mixed Junkitz and Reminisce papers on this one. I usually stay within 1 product line when scrapping. Yeah me, mixing product lines!
4) Besides the Junkitz and Reminisce papers, everything else is scraps. Yeah me, using those scraps!

The journaling is hidden. It reads... Benjamin got breakfast brownies in bed for his 2nd birthday. He didn't know quite what to think when we woke him up singing Happy Birthday, but I think he enjoyed his birthday breakfast treat. April 2006.

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