Friday, May 9, 2008

Apocalyptica Baby!

I am SOOO frickin stoked. I'm going see Apocalyptica tomorrow night (actually Sunday morning) at House of Blues in New Orleans. I have loved these guys for about 12 years. I can't begin to express the emotions their music stirs in me. John has asked me to go see bands at House of Blues before and I've always told him No and that it would have to be someone pretty amazing for me to go there since there's no seating. When he told me Apocalyptica was going I immediately said YES! I honestly can't think of anyone else at the moment that I would stand up all night to see. I sooo can't wait. If you've never heard of them, please check them out. 3 cello players (not sure what happened to the 4th guy) from Finland who frickin' rock.

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teri said...

OOOMMMGGGG and it was absolutely amazing. A M A Z I N G, I tell ya! Thanks again for an awesome time. Ready for the next show when you guys are! Well, as long as you promise that it won't be Rick Springfield!! LOL!