Thursday, March 13, 2008

No, Steve Gleason, Say it isn't so...

John just called me to say Steve Gleason is retiring. Noooooo. I loved watching this guy play ball. When John and I had season tickets a few years ago I had no idea who he was. But, as I watched I noticed #37 always seemed to be in the action. This guy was fast, and he had curly hair sticking out of his helmet. I asked John who #37 was and he said Gleason. I pulled out the program and said Hmmmm. He's a cutie. Since then, my eyes were always on #37 when he was on the field. He seems to be an amazing guy off the field, too. He grows his hair long, then cuts it to donate to Locks of Love. He was also very active in giving back to New Orleans after Katrina. What an amazing guy. You will be missed, buddy. Best of Luck to you. Watching Saints football will not be the same.

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Rick said...

Hey Therese,

I'm Daina's husband...I really enjoy your site! You do a very good job with all the tools and toys blogging has to offer. I think you have a hidden gift.

Keep it coming...I know Daina should do the same thing. Maybe you could teach her a few things with this.

Hey, if you can scrap why not try to monitize your site with your own product just for fun and some reward. Talents go along way.

I gave your site a few hugs and social posted a bit. I really like it and will favorite as well.

Hope to chat some day. Daina speaks highly of you often.