Sunday, March 18, 2012

7 months

I can not believe it's been 7 months since I've blogged. Where has the time gone?! So many good intentioned New Years resolutions never even started. The same ones I make every year. Write more, create more, get healthy and take better care of myself, and just plain ole do more things that make me happy. Simply put, improve my overall well being. Well... Better late than never, right? Let's see what I can think of what has happened over the last 7 months.
1) I became an aunt again, and a great aunt a couple of times.
2) Both Benjamin and Samantha made principals list at school. WooHoo!!
3) Ben placed 1st in his den at the Cub Scout pinewood derby car race.
4) His den went golfing yesterday to receive their golf belt loop.
5) Last night was Ben's first night sleeping at someones home who wasn't a relative. When I made that comment Benjamin informed me that he was with family, he was with his scout family. He spent the night at his den leaders house with the rest of the den.
6) I've been in such a lazy funk. A horrible case of the don't wants. I definitely haven't been taking care of myself. I've been eating whatever I want. Things like that Burgers and fried okra shown here from Burgersmith, accompanied by a nice refreshing Coca-Cola. Yummm. Seems like with all the restaurants in the Lafayette area we would have at least 1 that served gluten free/vegan/organic type foods. Not just bakery items, but a full out restaurant. I keep saying I have to get back on my "diet" and stop eating all those foods causing me inflammation. But, before I stop, maybe I can have one more go at Burgersmith before going wheat free again.

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