Thursday, June 19, 2008

Journey - Arnel Pineda

Okay, so John told me the other day that he saw Journey on Ellen and the new lead singer sounds incredibly like Steve Perry. I really didn't think very much of it. Then, a couple days later I got an email from my BFF in AR saying that she actually saw Journey in concert and sent me a youtube link to check 'em out. I guess I wasn't all that interested because I never took the time and actually forgot about it. Then, tonight as we're going out for supper John grabs this Journey Revelation CD and puts it in. We listened to it on the way to supper, then as we're on our way back home John asks if I noticed anything about what we're listening to. He tells me we've been listening to the new singer. Now he's got my attention. I thought he was joking, so I looked at the CD case and low and behold... not only does this singer sound incredibly like Perry, but he's Filipino... and kind of hot. I just wouldn't expect to hear that voice coming out of his body. John's watching the DVD right now and I hear it in the background. Man, it amazing how a song can bring you back to a different time and place. Right now I'm back to high school having a blast with my friends. Driving around singing at the top of our lungs with the radio as loud as it can go. Most people I talk to hated high school, but I loved it. I can tell I'll be listening to some Van Halen, Scorpions, Triumph, Rush, etc.

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