Sunday, September 23, 2007

Something Passed Down...

I'm taking an on-line scrapping class at this month called Daily Dose of Creativity with Gretchen Schmidt. So far I'm really enjoying it. We get a photo assignment and a project assignment for each day in September. The photo assignment for Sept 2nd was to photograph something that has been passed down to you. Here's the picture I took for that photo assignment. The black rosary was my Grandpa Bruce's. The clear rosary was for my Grandma Bruce, and so was the wedding band. The other ring was my mothers. My mom wore the rings together, and now I wear them the same way. It reminds me of both of them. They were such amazing strong women. I just found out that John is taking the kids to his parents this evening. Hopefully that'll give me some time to go create something in my scrap room. If so, I promise to post a picture.

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