Friday, May 1, 2009

Jeremy Camp

This morning I thought I would put the radio on 99.9 to listen to the Polyester Power Hour (Disco) since I'm off work today on furlough. I couldn't find the station on John's radio, so I went into Samantha's room and cranked it up so I could hear it in my room. I thought I had found the right station, but after going back into my room to finish getting ready I realized it was on KAJN. This amazing song came on, so I went in her room to listen for the artist name. They said it was Jeremy Camp. They even repeated the name a couple times. (This rarely ever happens to me, when I want them to announce the artist, they never do). Anyway, when I came downstairs I decided to look him up. I clicked on the 1st video I found. It's not the song I heard this morning, but man it's just as good. - Jeremy Camp - This Man - The song I heard this morning. Jeremy Camp - There will be a day.

Looks like I found the right station after all. Both songs made me cry like a baby. Powerful stuff.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend.


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Jacqueline said...

Funny how sometimes you get what you need at just the right time! I loved this song--will try to hear him in person sometime.