Sunday, February 17, 2008

We're Back...

and it was horrible. All 4 of us were sick. We tried to make the best of it, but just couldn't do it. Benjamin started running fever on our drive up. Samantha still hadn't totally recovered from being sick the week before. A day or two into the trip, John started running fever too. Then it was my turn again. How miserable, to be at the Happiest place on earth and to be sick. We weren't too happy. We even cut our trip short and canceled on meeting my Dad at Anna Maria Island and decided to just head home instead. We got back Thursday night and tried to get to the doctor on Friday. He was leaving early and suggested we go to the hospital for flu tests. Thankfully it was negative, so evidently we all just picked up some super bug. Can't wait until we're ALL feeling better. We all still have a lingering cough and are still congested. I guess the fact that it's 40 degrees 1 day, then 80 degrees a couple days later isn't helping. We're running the heater one day, then the AC, then it's back to the heater. It drives me crazy.

Here's a couple of Disney pics. Looks like we had a wonderful time, huh? I will say this, every time we go the number of pictures we take is greatly reduced. I only took 184 Disney pics this year. I'd love to go back to 2001, 2002, and 2003 to see just how many pictures I take each time we go. I would have thought I would have taken more being this was Benjamin's 1st Disney trip. I guess the fact we all felt like shit didn't help. Oh well. Also, this was the 1st Disney trip that I had a digital camera. It's a shame to think I took waaayy more pics back when I used film.

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DebbieHodge said...

aw, Therese, so sorry to hear this happened.