Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Samantha has long gotten over wanting to be something cute for Halloween. This year she was a Skeleton Rocker Grrrrl. Benjamin was a pirate (Captain Jack). Samantha also bugged John and I into dressing up this year, too. John took the kids and went as a very disgusting Davey Jones and I dressed up as Sally from Nightmare before Christmas. We had more fun dressing up, than the actual event. Since Samantha started a new school this year, we decided it was important to stay home and be more involved in our own neighborhood and community, instead of going to John's aunts house in Lafayette. Boy, were we ever disappointed. I only had about 6 sets of Trick or Treaters, probably about 12 kids total. The kids came home with such a sparse amount of candy. Not that they needed a lot, since I now have so much left over, but it meant they didn't really get to do much trick or treating. Benjamin seemed to have a great time regardless, but it was a bit disappointing for Samantha. John said they were the only ones walking. Everyone else trick or treated via automobile. How disappointing?! Well, at least I got some awesome photos this year and I'm looking forward to doing a layout for each of the kids albums. I had even planned ahead and already have papers and embellishments ready to use. Gotta love the skulls that are so hot and trendy right now.

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Teri said...

These pics totally RAWK!!!!!!!!!!!